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The First Ever Entry by Kier - Today will be very squiggly

About The First Ever Entry by Kier

The First Ever Entry by Kier Jun. 28th, 2004 @ 11:58 am Next Entry
I won't pretend that the only reason this entry is here isn't so that I can make sure the layout looks all right. But I'll also take the time to say "Hi! I'm your friend moderator. Also known, in this context, as an editor."

I have to admit I'm not entirely sure where I want to go with this, but I do have a very basic, abstract idea. But once we get a few more writers, and Emily comes home from Sweden, I'm sure it will turn out to be a good one. An idea that is.

I should also let you know that this afternoon I'm heading off for a short vacation by the beach. Well, near the beach. In a town that has a beach. Wait, I have a point. I don't know if I'll have access to the internet so if anyone tries to contact me during this time, I'm probably not ignoring you.

I think I'm breaking my own rules here, but the first entry is allowed to be a bit... uninteresting. Just for clarifications sake.

Oh, fuck it. Here's a short skit I wrote ages ago. There are three characters, labelled A, B and E for the sake of inconvenience. For any American readers, for some absurd reason you guys call Cluedo "Clue".

(Three people are sitting around playing Cluedo)

A: I think it was... Miss Scarlet in the library with the twist-tie!
B: Rope.
A: What?
B: We lost a lot of the pieces and had to replace them. That's the rope.
E: How do you kill someone with a twist-tie?
A: Maybe you make them eat a whole heap of them.
B: It's not a twist tie it's a rope.
E: ... it's a pretty small rope.
B: It's a pretty small library.
A: Hey, pretty bloody big twist-tie then. (with a grin)
B: (rolls eyes)
E: Well that explains it.
B: ...what?
E: How she killed him with the twist tie. It's just a really big one look (compares size of twist-tie to size of game marker, makes the marker walk around holding the twist-tie like a weapon)
B: Look, it's not supposed to be a twist-tie.
A: (picks up his marker) Your twist-tie is nothing against my GIANT TOOTCHPICK!
B: (quietly) ...that's the knife...
(A and E begin to battle their markers)
B: ... (gets up and walks away)

There. I contributed something.
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Current Music: "No surprises" - Radiohead
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