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Today will be very squiggly

and watch out for the 'h'...

The madman's armchair.
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Welcome to Squiggly Today.

Squiggly Today is a cross between a collective diary and a zine. Our writers share their thoughts, their opinions, and their life. All for the purpose of entertainment. Not to mention subliminal advertising which we all get paid a shitload for (*cough*drinkdietcoke*cough*).

What is the point of Squiggly Today?

Primarily to entertain. If you laugh, we're serving our purpose. If you don't, that's because that piece was a particularly biting satire, thankyouverymuch, and has nothing to do with the writer having a not-funny day.

Who writes for Squiggly Today?

At the moment not many people. You can have a look at our profiles page (link not made yet), to get to know us better.

Can I write for Squiggly Today?

Sure. This is a closed community, but applying for writership is not very hard. Simply leave a comment in the moderator's personal journal, angelkey with some information about yourself, and a sample article. If I think you and Squggly Today will get on well, you'll be added to the community. Please see below for the rules for what can be posted in Squiggly.

For Members

What you can post

Basically anything. Short or long. Thoughts, opinion, experiences, pictures. We just love short fiction, but fan fiction is not allowed. Unless it's a parody, in which case it's fine. Whatever you post, it must be your own work.

Please remember that our main goal is entertainment.

Feel free to post images that complement your article or stand alone. However, don't just post a picture of x celebrity and a comment saying "X is so hot! *drool, die*". You could get away with posting that picture of x if you write something a bit intelligent and funny, though. Also, don't post comics that were made by someone who isn't you.

The people who started this community did so inspired by two things, both by the same group of guys. Tripod's online diary, and their ex-publication Dogsbody. So you might get inspiration from there.

How often you can post

Of often as you like.

To stop the community dying, if no one has contributed in a week, the writer who comes after the last person to post in alphabetical order is required to do so. If for some reason they can't, the duty is handed to the person alphabetically after them. And so on. If this happens and you're required to write something, I'll leave a comment in your personal journal letting you know.

One last thing...

When you write an article, please leave your name either in the title or at the bottom of the piece. That way, if Squiggly ever gets collated into issues, there'll be no risk of you not getting credit for your work. Don't use your username, leave your firstname or a nickname. And a real nickname, not something like SilverSpirit666. Something we could call you face to face without feeling like a complete dickhead.

Thanks, and have fun!